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MoveUp2 is an innovative investment pathway that provides investors with the opportunity to safely invest and earn a solid return yet support our Community Heroes purchase their home in an affordable manner much closer to their place of work in capital cities rather than having to travel long distances.

MoveUp2 has been tried and tested, and proven a success. It is part of an unlisted residential property trust managed by Storehouse Group,

which is:
• a Licenced Funds Manager
• registered with ASIC
• audited by Grant Thornton Australia Ltd

Why MoveUp2 Heroes?

In phase one, in an effort to help Sydney-based Essential Service Professionals afford a home, Storehouse Group are leading the MoveUp2  “Homes for our Unsung Community Heroes” campaign.  The campaign aims to reward the devotion and hard work of our Community Heroes, as well as, raising community goodwill with $12.5 million and a return on investment tracked between 9% and 12%pa over the past two years.


How does MoveUp2 Heroes Work?

  • Our Unsung Community Heroes get to own the home, close to work but financially commit for what they can afford.

  • In terms of finance it is like buying say, 65% of a house and renting the rest from MoveUp2 or the community who get a share (say 35%) of the capital growth.

  • When the Community Hero can afford the whole house under a traditional home loan, they pay out Storehouse and MoveUp2.

  • MoveUp2 stands between the investors and the Community Heroes.  It creates the means where like-minded people can pool their investments and participate on similar terms across a portfolio of properties.

  • The community has a safe and secure investment in a pool rather than a specific property. If there a 100 properties in the pool, the investment is in 100 properties, not one.

  • The community gets a good return on their investment while supporting a great cause.

Watch our latest Heroes Campaign

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