Buying an Investment property with MoveUp2

  • MoveUp2 – Investment provides a means to afford an investment property earlier and at a lower monthly cost.

  • MoveUp2 is a bridge to enable you to buy and build equity in the investment property through reduced monthly cash repayments over the first 3 years.

  • In terms of funding, you own 100% of the investment property and share say 15%*** of the capital growth with MoveUp2.

  • MoveUp2 keeps it simple – the property is in your name. You have direct control over your investment property. We have a minimum 3 year term for MoveUp2 and then you can buy and sell, extend, refurbish as you see fit.

  • Why submit yourself to complex and costly strategies to buy investment properties in your Super, MoveUp2 makes it safe and easy to build your investment portfolio in your own name.


* Conditions apply…

 MoveUp2 applicants are subject to satisfactory credit including a satisfactory independent valuation of the property.

 With MoveUp2, priority is given to approved applicants who are customers with the Storehouse Group.

 **    The amount of saving varies dependent upon home price and amount MoveUp2 invests.

 ***  The percentage shared is determined by the amount of deposit invested by MoveUp2.

Helping your children with MoveUp2

  • MoveUp2 – Parent is a new approach to assisting the next generation obtain home ownership in an affordable manner.

  • Increases the children’s home deposit to 20% and lowers the loan repayments on the children’s home.

  • Reduces the children’s monthly repayments for the first three years. MoveUp2 has a minimum term of 3 years and a maximum term of 30 years.

  • The children own 100% of the home but share say 15%*** of the capital growth on sale or refinance with MoveUp2.

  • Repayments can be $100-$200 per month**lower for the first three years compared to a traditional home loan.

  • We recommend the young home owner refinances and pays out the MoveUp2 investment once they have 20% equity in the property in their own right.