Parents invest safely and get a sound rate of return.


Children get access to affordable home funding.

MoveUp2 separates the parents from the children.


A Safe and
Secure Investment


Our Unsung Heroes are the heartbeat of our community. These are your everyday Nurses, Fire-fighters, Police, Paramedics, Emergency Workers … and the list goes on.


Imagine if your investment could help these Unsung Heroes own their homes in their community.


Our Community

Parents invest in a registered Residential Investment Fund professionally managed by a

Licenced Funds Manager.

This enables your children to increase their deposit and hence, allows them to buy a property closer to their family and place of work.


Keep your Family
Close by


MoveUp2 a home close to your family and friends and the community you care and work in …

MoveUp2 provides a safe and secure pathway to helping families and community heroes afford a home. Our pathway has helped many and is now available to help you. With all accreditations in place, client testimonials, a pathway to protect family and friends, and a healthy rate of return, MoveUp2 is the smart-hearted answer to building families and communities.

Our pathway allows parents and investors to safely assist their children and community heroes to purchase their own home.

The MoveUp2 pathway recognises the value of the family, friends and investors support and removes many of the fees and risks often imposed on stand-alone first home-buyers.

Your dream is our dream

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